I gave a small show-and-tell presentation about The Taffetas project at work yesterday. It made me feel incredibly nostalgic and anxious.

In 2011-2012, Taffetas became my senior project and we were close to starting animated content, hence these little tests here…then, Yesenia and I realized that we wanted to take the concept of the show in a different direction. We’ve been working on the new version of our idea since, and I think with the time we’ve spent so far, we, as the creators, understand what we want out of our work a lot more, so I don’t regret our approach but sometimes I just want to get content out there! It’s such a cool show, guys, and I’ve been itching to make an animation short for so long.


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    I’d also like to thank EVERYONE for all of your support to both Yesenia and I throughout our project. All of you people...
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    I am so excited to see this! SO EXCITED! It’s so hard to wait, but I know it’ll be worth it!